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Are you looking class 8 English assignment with Question? Here we are solving the answer with the eighth grade English question. You will get the correct answer of class 8 English assignment from here. Here we are trying to solve all the questions easy technician. However, we are addressing the answer to the question seriously.

Many people find English very difficult. With this in mind, I have solved my eighth grade English assignment correctly and accurately. Students cannot come to school after the government of Bangladesh has declared all schools and colleges closed. For this all school and college assignments are being taken at home. Therefore, as per the decision of the Government of Bangladesh, all the students have to submit the English assignment at home to the school.

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The new government announced the closure of schools and colleges on November 12, leaving students completely paralyzed. Since then, teachers have been instructed to go from house to house with students’ question papers. In this, students can sit at home and take part in the examination as per their convenience. Then the teacher brought the answer with the notebook from their house.

You can get free class 8 English assignment solution from here. You can also download PDF file from here. I have collected my questions and uploaded them here after collecting answers from experts. Which is the 100% correct solution you are getting from here.

Class 8 English Assignment:

I have solved the third week assignment of eighth grade here. There were questions from Lesson 1, Lesson 2 and Lesson 3 from your textbook. However, you match our question with the question. If so, you can find all the English solutions here. I have arranged my English answers in a way that you can easily understand. Please see below to understand easily.

If you are a class 8 students, please match the question first time and then see the required part. We have given the eighth grade English question below-

Class 8 4th Week English Assignment:

class 8 english assignment

Changing assertive sentences into interrogative Suppose you visited a place last year. Describe that place answering the following question –

1. Where did you visit?

2. why did you go there?

3. How did you go there?

4. Who accompanied you?

5. Did you like the place? Why/ Why not?

Answer Change the assertive sentence to interrogative –

1) It was a great sight.

Ans: Wasn’t it a great sight?

2) No one can tolerate this.

Ans: Who can tolerate this?

3) Nobody salutes the setting sun.

Ans: Who salutes the setting sun? / Does anybody salute the setting sun?

4) Gulliver could hear his watch ticking in his pocket.

Ans: Couldn’t Gulliver hear his watch ticking in his pocket?

5) It is useless to cry over spilt milk. Ans: Isn’t it useless to cry over spilt milk?

6) The beauty of nature is beyond description.

Ans: Isn’t the beauty of nature beyond description?

7) Everybody has heard of Darwin.

Ans: Who doesn’t have heard of Darwin? / Who hasn’t heard of Darwin?

8) He has his dinner at seven every evening.

Ans: Doesn’t he have his dinner at seven every evening?

9) I told him to practice regularly.

Ans: Didn’t I tell him to practice regularly?

10) Virtue has its own reward.

Ans: Doesn’t virtue have its own reward?

The place I visited last

Travelling is always a great fun for me. Last year I went to my uncle’s house in Sylhet. Last year, in the summer holiday, my uncle invited me and my family to go there. I told my father about that. He told me that he couldn’t go with us neither mother. So I called my friends to go with me. 3 of them agreed to go with me. We decided that we would go there by bus. Though it will take too much time, but we love the bus journey. We started the journey early in the morning. It took almost 7 hours to reach there. My uncle welcomed us warmly. We went to my uncle house and take some rest, have some food and gossiped too much that day. Next day we decided to go travel Sylhet. We already choose some place to go. At first we went to the Bisanakandi. Bisanakandi is a very beautiful place, adorned with hills, stones, waterfall and river. [Answered By NewResultBD.Com] We spend more than 3 hours there. Then we went to the Shahjahal Darga Sharif. It is really a holly place. More than thousands people came to take prayer in here from home and abroad. Then we also went to the Lalakhal, Pang Thu Pai, Khadim Nagar National Park, and specially the tea garden. We take several kinds of tea and they all are delicious. We spend 5 days there. And the last day we went to see Juflong. It is really an amazing place. I really enjoy those days very much. I can’t forget the journey.

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Class 8 English Question (3rd Week):

1. Question: Kartik Poramanik is an inspiration for us. Do you agree? Why/Why not?

2. Question: Why do you think that that title is appropriate for the story “The Truthful dove”?

3. Question: Imagine there is a boat-school in your area to teach river gypsy children. Write a paragraph about how you can help the children swith learning.

Class 8 English Assignment Answer:

  1. Question: Kartik Poramanik is an inspiration for us. Do you agree? Why/Why not?

Answer: I agree kartik poramanik is an inspiration for us. The reason of this thinking is given below. Tree plantation is very important forus. Every moment we take oxygen form the tree. Without trees we cannot live. It the number of tree is decreasing day by day. IT will be difficult to live us. A human being and animal. We depend on trees not only for oxygen. We need trees for many more purposes like food, cloth, house, paper est. So, everyone should plan trees. So we take inspiration form kartik poramanik.

2. Question: Why do you think that that title is appropriate for the story “The Truthful dove”?

Answer: The reason for thinking is that title is appropriate for the story. The truthful dove is given below:

In the story we see that the dove and bat were two friends. For certain reasons they took shelter to an owl. The bat was greedy, so he started to praise owl falsely for eating more food. Actully the owl not good for praise. But the dove was not greedy, he was honest and truthful. He did not parise the owl falsely. He knew is he did not praise the owl, he would be perished for. Still he told the truth, he never praised the owl. For this, he punished but never told a lie.  So we say that the title is appropriate for the story.

3. Question: Imagine there is a boat-school in your area to teach river gypsy children. Write a paragraph about how you can help the children swith learning.


River gypsies are an ethnic group of people in Bangladesh. They are also known as “Bedey” to local people who travel from one place to another. Their main vehicle is the boat to travel. There is a boat school in my area. We try to teach children of the river gypsy. It is very sad that they are deprived of many benefits even though they are citizens of Bangladesh. They are deprived of the light of education as well as civil rights. Only education can give us our civil rights. 

So we decided to teach them to read and write. As we have a boat school we go to their family and advice them to bring their children to school. We have some plans for them.  We have decided that we will provide them with basic textbooks of school for free. At first you want to teach them the basic of English, mathematics, computer and other available technologies. We can take our laptops and show them what technology can do. We can also teach them about morals and humanity. They deserve the chance to shine in life. So, they need our help and as the conscious citizen of Bangladesh cannot but help them in learning for making a better society.

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