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Dhaka University admission 2019-20. Dhaka University is the most educational institution in Bangladesh. The admission process is started at the university. Each year, thousands of students come to the University of Dhaka to get colorful dreams. But due to limited seats, most students fail to fulfill their dreams.

Those who can apply for Dhaka University admission test, those who have passed the SSC and HSC GPA-8.00. 2019-20 education year students are waiting for publication of admission of Dhaka University and are searching. This post has been created for those searching.

Dhaka University admission 2019-20 Online application information:

When Dhaka University admission test is held in 2019-20, many students can not apply online, how do not know how to apply for admission in Dhaka University. How to apply for admission easily. If you read the full information given, then it will be easy to apply.


Dhaka University is going to publish the admission notice very soon, on their official website. We will provide some guidelines on the admission test of Dhaka University and present the information. Therefore, there are necessary guidelines for admission of Dhaka University.

How to Apply:

To apply for the University of Dhaka (www.du.ac.bd) click on the link. Dhaka University has divided into four units to apply. “A” unit’, “B” unit “C” unit and “D” unit are given. See full information before then apply.

  • Online Application Start Date: 5th August 2019
  • Online Application End Date: 27th August 2019
  • Payment End Date: 28/08/2019


Dhaka University Undergraduate Admission Tests 2019-20 Important Dates:

UnitExam DateExam Day
Ka Unit20/09/2019Friday
Kha Unit21/09/2019Saturday
Ga Unit13/09/2019Friday
Gha Unit27/09/2019Friday
Cha Unit14/09/2019Saturday

Eligibility to Apply Dhaka University 2019-20 :

In the unit A (science) SSC and HSC need GPA – 3.5 Total – 8.00.
In the unit B (Arts) SSC and HSC need GPA – 3.0 Total – 7.00.
In the unit C (Business Education) SSC and HSC need GPA – 3.5 Total – 7.50.

MCQ part number 75 and the written number 45. A total of 120 admission tests. The admission test time per unit will be one and a half hours. Time for 5 questions in MCQ part is 5 minutes. The value of each question is 1.25 total. Pass mark 1. And the writing time is 5 minutes. Pass mark 12.

dhaka university admission 2019-20

What is the need to apply to Dhaka University?

1. The applicant will have to perform all the work related to the admission test through Dhaka University admission website (http://admission.eis.du.ac.bd). All sites of Dhaka University will be available in the relevant guidelines, notices and links.

Before applying to any unit, the guidelines and website guidelines for admission are requested to be read well. Also, take the special instructions given in the yellow box on each page.

2. The application for participation in the admission test will be done on 31 July 2019, 5:30 pm to 26 August 2019, till 12:00 pm.

3. To apply for admission in any unit, click on the ‘Application / login’ button of the admission website of Dhaka University.

4. After clicking on the ‘Application / Login‘ button, click on the ‘Continue’ button by providing the roll number of the applicant’s Higher Secondary / equivalent examination roll number – pass and name of the board and the roll number of the secondary or equivalent exam, and the next In the above page, the applicant’s Higher Secondary and Secondary Examination and the applicants who are eligible for admission are guaranteed. Click on the ‘Button’ button.


5. If the applicant does not already apply in any unit, the website will ask for a formal picture of the applicant’s specific format, personal mobile number and quota information. However, if any application is already in the unit, the information will not be redistributed. Students who passed HSC exams from BKSP only can apply to the player quota.

Dhaka university www.du.ac.bd

6. If pictures and other information are given, they will be asked to confirm them in the next page. To ensure the applicant has to send one (seven) letter SMS to 16321 from any mobile operator number. After giving this confirmation code to the designated place in the applicant’s page, click on the ‘Confirm’ button.

7. If the correct confirmation code is given, the original application form (applicable to all units) will be visible. Through this page, the applicant can apply for all those units who are eligible to apply for the receipt of deposits. To apply to any of the units mentioned on this page, click the ‘Apply’ button beside the unit.

After clicking on the ‘Application’ button, the ‘Application’ button of the unit will be displayed in a green tick mark and download link can be found on the unit’s receipt (payment slip). In addition, the applicant from this page will be able to obtain admission forms for admission test or seat format, results etc of all the candidates requested.

8. From the above page, click on the link that you want to collect the amount of unmilitary money deposit (payment slip) from the above page, by clicking the link to download the receipt (payment slip) and download the receipt and print it. The payment slip will have two parts.

The above is part of the applicant and part of the below bank. WARNING: The applicant portion of the money deposited is not the admission test admission sheet. An option of the entrance test paper cannot be used as part of the cash deposits.

Dhaka University Admission 2019-20
Dhaka University Admission 2019

9. You must check the cash deposits and the applicant’s photographs are correct. Then, the signature of the applicant signed by the applicant in two parts of the amount of money, on the amount of amount mentioned in Rashid on August 28, 2019.

(Admission fee, online service fee and bank charges) will be deposited in any branch of the four state-owned commercial banks (public, gold, again and silver) in the bank. The bank authorities will deduct the portion of the applicant for the amount deposited as proof of the deposit, and return the applicant to the applicant.

10. The bank authorities will deduct the portion of the applicant for the amount deposited as proof of the deposit, and return the applicant to the applicant.

11. When information is submitted to the applicant’s bank on any unit, then a green tick mark will appear in the ‘Mement’ column of the corresponding unit. If the money is not deposited in the bank, the applicant cannot attend the admission test of the relevant unit.

C and F units will be able to download the relevant unit admission forms from 05 September 2019 and candidates of A, B and D unit will be able to download the unit from 10 September 2019 till 9.00 noon’s on the exam day.

Recent Picture Submission on Dhaka University Admission :

Online application for university of Dhaka (01) color photograph taken. Color will be the size of the image (Height 300PX and width 300PX). The colorful image of the student must be printed so that the two ears can be seen. If a student does not see two years while printing a color picture, the picture is blurred, the cover is covered in the head and ears cannot be seen, then the application of Dhaka University will not be accepted online. In the last 2018-19 years, many students could not get admission test due to this.

Dhaka University Admission 2019 image

Online application of Dhaka University requires signature on white paper. Must be photo size (Height 300PX and Width 80PX). Later signature will be shown.

Other Details: