HSC Result 2019 – All Education Board Result with MarkSheet

By | March 21, 2019

HSC Result 2019 – All Education Board Result with Mark-Sheet

HSC Result 2019 will release all the education boards together. HSC Result 2019 publishes the Higher Secondary Education Board of Bangladesh. It is the second largest in Bangladesh’s Board of Education results. Like every year, the results will be published at 01:30 PM noon at noon. Every student will be able to know the results very easily from this website. Results and mark sheets can be found on the Education-board-result.com website. Every student collects test results from this website. How to Check SSC Result 2019

Bangladesh participates in the HSC examinations under the Higher Secondary School (HSC) Education Board with each year. Since 1972, ‍still 2018 Bangladesh has been under the Board of Education. About one million students are taking part in the HSC examinations. Currently, the number of students is increasing day by day. The test is so good that every student is prepared beforehand. Each student will have to express the experience of 2 years.

HSC Result 2019 – Education Board Result:

HSC Examination Beginning:

HSC Examination will begin every year as on 02 April 2019. And the test date is 15 May 2019. About 1 million students in this exam will take part. For HSC exams, all the candidates of Business, Humanities and Science departments participate in the Higher Secondary Certificate. Exam results are good for all students. So that they get good results in the test results. The results will be published on 05 July 2019.

HSC Result 2019

How to find HSC Result 2019:

All students of Bangladesh will be able to know the results of the examination (from this website) very easily. You will need to know the result of the test results (roll No -504520 and Registration No- 11111111). Students will be able to check the results through the internet after publishing results. You can check out the results of the HSC on our website. The results can be printed and printed out.

Just follow these STEPS below to Check Your HSC Result 2019:

1. Check Your Result on below Image!!

2. Select HSC from “Examination” option.

3. Select- 2019 as your examination year.

4. Now Choose Board Name [Exam- Comilla].

5. Enter your HSC Roll No. & Registration No.

6. After that Solve Security Math then “Submit” button.

7. Done. See your HSC Result.

Link- www.educationboardresults.gov.bd

HSC Result 2019 Dhaka Education Board:

Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. Dhaka Higher Secondary Education Board is the largest education board in Bangladesh. Every year millions of students take part in the examination from Dhaka Board.And every year thousands of students get GPA-5.00 from the Dhaka board. The HSC results of the Dhaka Board on this web site are published in Bangladesh together.

hsc result 2019 Dhaka Board

However, the head office of the Dhaka High School Board of Bangladesh. Under this board, 8 education boards participate. If you want to know the results of the Dhaka Board, click this link. Come down after visiting the website. To know the HSC result, please fill in the formula with your roll number and registration number by clicking the submit button. You can verify the results through mobile SMS. See the example given below –

HSC <Space> DHA <Space> HSC Roll 25250 <Space> Passing Year 2019 to Send 16222

HSC Result 2019 Comilla Board:

Comilla board is the second largest secondary education board in Bengal. Comilla is the oldest city in Bangladesh. The Comilla Higher Secondary Education Board has six big districts, Comilla, B-Baria, Feni, Chandpur, Noakhali and Laxmipur. Since independence with 1971, since 1972, Comilla High School Board was formed with these six districts. About 2 to 3 lakh students have been studying under the Comilla Education Board.

hsc result 2019 Comilla Board

This board is located in the city of Comilla. However, under the Comilla Education Board from all educational institutions, millions of meritorious students are currently participating in the HSC examinations in 2019. Students from Comilla participate in PSC, JSC, SSC and HSC examinations. But like the other districts, Comilla students are not merited list. About 2 lakh students will take the exam on 02 April 2019. Those who have participated in the HSC examinations are already prepared for the exam. The results will be published within 60 days of the end of the test. Comilla Board students go to learn HSC exam results on this website -. After visiting the website, you will see HSC results with 2019 by clicking on this link. Go there and click on the result button with the ball number -Exam-25252 registration number-12111111. Then find out the results. You can find out the results from mobile messages. For this, your mobile will be charged 2.44 Take. See the following examples-

HSC <Space> COM <Space> HSC Roll – 25250 <Space> 2019 to Send 16222
[Exam: HSC <> COM <> 25252 <> 2019 to send 16222

Technical Education Board (TEB)

Bangladesh Technical Education Board (TEB) results will be published 2019. Director of Technical Education Board of Bangladesh, Directorate of Technical Education and Madrasah Education Board, Directorate of Education, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Through the expansion and development of technical education, it was established in 1960 to create skilled human resources. Today, thousands of students have acquired knowledge in this educational system.

Technical Education Board (TEB)

In the last half of the century many branches of technical education and administration were expanded. In each district and in the police stations and Sub-Police Station, a technical institution has been established in the same place. Every day there are thirsty boys and girls to acquire knowledge of education. The final test is determined every year. The Bangladesh Technical Education Board publishes the routine. Then the test starts in time. Each student waits for the results after the test and for the ultimate results. The result of the final examination results on the website of Bangladesh Education Board was published. Students are astute to know the results. They may know the results through online. You can find results from our website. Please select HSC (vocational), Passing Year (2019), – Selecting Technical Board, Roll Number – 1111111, Registration Number – 12345678900 and after submitting the security code press the “Submit” button. You will get your results after some time. And also via SMS. You can find HSC results through mobile phones. To find out, see the information given below-

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