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Today I will share with you JSC Result 2020 Dhaka Board results. If you are a JSC exam of 2020 then it is very helpful for you. But you have to read my article carefully and share it with your friends. Here I have collected a lot of information about JSC results. This information is helpful to you.

JSC Result 2020 Dhaka Board:

JSC is one of the most popular and important public examinations in Bangladesh. JSC Public Examination was held simultaneously all over Bangladesh. Junior School Certificate – All eighth grade students participate in the exam. About 25 lakh students participate in the exam. It is called the 2nd largest public exam in Bangladesh.

The Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education controls the JSC exam in Bangladesh. The board has been conducting tests for the last 10 years. They take the JSC exam in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Bangladesh Ministry of Education. So that each student can safely pass the JSC exam.

Dhaka Board is one of the largest in Bangladesh. This time JSC exam 2020 Dhaka Board will get the best results they are coming. However, Dhaka Education Board is the most powerful of other education boards. They always make good results. GPA -5.00 gets the most.

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You can visit our website www.education-board-result.com to check the results of Dhaka Board. This website is very safe for soft students. We have provided 100% security for your security concerns. Each student so that they do not face any problems. We hope that it is our responsibility to protect you.

Every year the Ministry of Education Board publishes the JSC exam routine. This year the JSC exam will begin on 02 November 2020. The Ministry of Education publishes this information officially on 29 December 2020. How to download JSC Routine 2020 click here. It is best the website of all.

JSC Result 2020 Dhaka Board by Online Check:

If you want to check JSC Result 2020 Dhaka Board results online then this website is helpful for you. You can check JSC results very quickly by connecting to internet. For this you need to have a network connected on your mobile or computer.

There are some rules and regulations for checking results using the Internet. You must follow these rules. If you adhere to these rules, you will be able to quickly check the results.

To check the JSC Result 2020 Dhaka Board results you can go to the Ministry of Education website www.educationboardresult.com or check out our website. If you wish you can check the results by visiting the official website of Dhaka Board. Students of Dhaka Board have created their seamless website for quick results checking.

Below are the rules we checked for JSC Result 2020. You have to check the results following those rules.

JSC Exam Result Check by Online:

  • Click on the JSC/JDC Exam Button.
  • Select your Board Name : Dhaka
  • Type your Roll Number – Exam – 1615421
  • Type your Registration Number – 123456869
  • Fill up Math Security key : Example – 9+5= 14
  • Finally, Click “Submit” Button
  • You result will be displayed on your Mobile/Computer screen.
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JSC Result 2020 Release Date:

There are different opinions regarding the date of release of JSC results. However, a few days ago, the Bangladesh Ministry of Education said in a press release that the results of the JSC exam 2020 will be released in Bangladesh on December 31, 2020. This information is published by the Bangladesh National Board of Education on their official website. Every year the results of this year will be released daily at 12:00 noon on Tuesday. You can check the results after 12:00 noon.

How to check JSC Results 2020 by SMS :

There are several ways to find the JSC exam results. One of them SMS also most popular. You can check the JSC Result 2020 Dhaka Board with the help of SMS. You can do this from here. How to Check JSC Result 2020 Dhaka Board by Mobile SMS.  This is an easy way.

Quick examination results can be checked through mobile SMS. To check the results via SMS, go to the message optional of your mobile type JSC <Sapce> Board 3 Letter (DHA) <Space> Roll Number (123456) <Space> Passing Year (2020) to send 16222 number.

Example: JSC DHA 123400 2020 to send 16222

First, click on the official website of the Dhaka Board. Then, a new page will open. There, give your roll number and registration number. Or, fill in the full form and click the “Submit” button. Moreover, you can check from the Education Board Result or www.education-board-result.com website. The results will be published on our website.

JSC Result 2020 Dhaka Board with Marksheet :

The JSC Result 2020 Marksheet will be released 1 hour after the results are published. This Marksheet is very important for every student.

This Marksheet contains the student’s obtained numbers and GPA points. Students, as well as parents, are interested in seeing the Marksheet.

However, the Ministry of Education distributes JSC Marksheets among the students under instruction. The Marksheet will be given to all the students of the ten education boards of Bangladesh.

You can check your own marksheet on each education board’s website. On our website, you can also check JSC Result 2020 Marksheet. You can do this safely.

But the Bangladesh Education Ministry has now changed the GPA of JSC exam. They did 4.0 instead of a GPA point of 5.0. This point method has been launched since this year. We have provided the table of points below. If you look at the new GPA point system, it will benefit you.

This year JSC Students New GPA Grade Point System:

Marks Range Letter Grade Grade Point (GPA)
80 and above A+ 4.00
75 – 79 A 3.75
70 – 74 A- 3.50
65 – 69 B+ 3.25
60 – 64 B 3.00
55 – 59 B- 2.75
50 – 54 C+ 2.50
45 – 49 C 2.25
40 – 44 D 2.00
Less than 40 F 0.00

Result Check by Eboardresults.com website:

You can check JSC results by https://eboardresults.com. The https://eboardresults.com website is created to check the results of public exams.

They also have an app. You can collect Apps from the Google Playstore. This website also allows you to test the JSC Marksheet along with the exam results.

Through it, the results of the organization can be examined. This time JSC Result 2020 will also be published on this website. You can view the results with just the Roll number by visiting https://eboardresults.com.

How to check JSC Result 2020 Dhaka Board by Mobile Apps:

How to check the JSC Result 2020 Dhaka Board by Mobile Apps. How to check JSC Result 2020. There are many questions in our minds how to check results. No problem, results can be checked by mobile apps in a quick and short time.

First, download Education Board Results apps from Google Playstore. When the download is complete, install. Then, check the results of the JSC Result 2020 Dhaka Board.

You also download JSC Result 2020 app easy use and fast know your result. Click Here to download this app – JSC Result 2020