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Today I will share you can easily check JSC Result 2020. Ministry of Education announced the JSC exam result 2020. Are you, looking for JSC Result 2020?

Then you are in the right place. From here you can check your JSC Result. JSC Result 2020 with Marksheet all Education Board Result. Here you can check your JSC Exam results fast and easy.

Nowadays, it is much easier to test JSC Result 2020 without any hassle. Your child does not have to wait at school to check the results.

This can be a tension for you. But with the help of the Internet, you can quickly and easily check results. You can use the Bangladesh Education Board or this website to get the results. Here you can test quickly and easily.

jsc result 2020 chack

Now, most students do not know how to check test results online. OK, don’t worry. If you want to know about JSC Result 2020 then you have come to the right place and the right website.

Here you can find out more about test results, Marksheet, results in release date and JSC results.

JSC Result 2020 Published Date :

JSC Result  2020 Published Date

The results will be published on 29 December 2020. But the results will be published at 12:00 pm. This was announced on the information ministry website. First of all, the JSC Result Ministry of Education Board will be published on the official website.

Exam Name Junior School Certificate (JSC)
Exam start Dates 2nd November 2020
JSC Result Published date 31st December 2020

JSC Result 2020 Check by Online:

How do you check JSC Result 2020 by online? So, the popular method of finding check JSC Result online. Now using the internet you can quickly check the results. If you want to check your JSC Result 2020 form online, it will be possible to know results faster.

Name of the Organization Bangladesh Education Board
Exam NameJSC Result 2020
Education Authority Ministry of Education Board
Minister Responsible  Dr. Dipu Moni
Formed 1971
Exams Organized by MOPME Junior School Certificate (PSC)
Secondary School Certificate (SSC)
Higher Seconded Certificate (HSC)
Location Bangladesh
Official Website http://www.educationboard.gov.bd/

You can check now JSC Result 2020 by Education Board:

How do you check the JSC Result 2020? Go to the Education website. First, go to this link- Click www.educationboardresults.gov.bd and fill out the form below and submit it. JSC Result can be quickly tested through this website.

Process to get your result :

  • Select the Examination – JSC
  • Select Year – 2020
  • Select Board – Ex: DHA
  • Type your Roll
  • Type your Reg. No
  • Solve the math – Ex: 6+3 = 9
  • Submit your information.
  • Get your Exam result.
jsc result

How to check JSC Result 2020 from Eboardresult.com website:

The Ministry of education board creates the second website.When the test results are published, their hosting server becomes disabled. JSC Result 2020 check click here – Eboardresult.com. Then, use all the information correctly and click the “Get Results” button. JSC results will be displayed.

Process to get your result :

  • Select the Examination – SSC/HSC/JSC/Equivalent Result
  • Select the Examination – JSC/JDC
  • Select Year – 2020
  • Select Board – Ex: DHA
  • Select Result Type – Individual Result
  • Type your Roll
  • Type your Reg. No
  • Solve the Security Key 
  • Click on Get Result.
jsc result 2020 from eboardresult.com

JSC Result 2020 by App:

You can check your results by the app. We have created the app for you, you can download it from here. Download this app and check your results quickly and easily. This app is only a few MB in size. Most students test the results by Mobile application. They say this method is much easier.

So go to your play store account and search jsc result 2020. Download first app. ( H&A Inc )

JSC Result 2020 by SMS:

How to check JSC Result 2020 by SMS? The second and easiest way to check JSC results is through mobile SMS. If you are unable to check the results online, you can test the results with Mobile SMS.

No internet connection is required to check JSC Result 2020 via mobile SMS. This is the safest way to test your results. How to send SMS?

At first, go to the mobile message option and type JSC <Space> Capital3 Letter Board Name (DHA) <Space> Roll Number (12345) <Space> Passing Year (2020) send to 16222.

jsc result 2019 by sms

JSC Result 2020 with Marksheet :

The Junior School Certificate (JSC) exam is important to Marksheet students. But after the test results are released you will be able to see the Marksheet.

How to check JSC Exam Result 2020 with Mark sheet. Mark sheet can be checked online after the results are published. There, numbers will be published for each subject. Each board needs to check Marksheet on its official website.

JSC Result Grading System :

What is the JSC grading system? You can ask me a question about JSC grading. Many students do not know what the JSC grading system is. Below is a table, please see, so you can understand.

This year JSC Students New GPA Grade Point System:

Marks Range Letter Grade Grade Point (GPA)
80 and above A+ 4.00
75 – 79 A 3.75
70 – 74 A- 3.50
65 – 69 B+ 3.25
60 – 64 B 3.00
55 – 59 B- 2.75
50 – 54 C+ 2.50
45 – 49 C 2.25
40 – 44 D 2.00
Less than 40 F 0.00

If a student can score between 85 and 100, he/she will get a GPA -5.00. In order to get GPA 5.00, one must introduce hard work and intelligence to the candidate. If a student is not satisfied with the JSC result, they can apply again. Click to see these methods – on the https://www.education-board-result.com/ link.

Institute Result 20209 :

The institute result will be published on the 2020 Bangladesh Education Board webpage. You can test the results of each organization. You can check the results of the educational institution from here. There are several ways to check institute results.

However, you can test the result with EIIN Number. Here are the JSC / SSC / HSC exam results for each institution.

If you want to test the results of the organization, here you can do it quickly. Or go to http://mail.educationboard.gov.bd the website. There are about 22,597 educational institutions in Bangladesh.

JSC Result 2020 Dhaka Board:

jsc result 2020 dhaka board

Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. The Dhaka Board is the largest in Bangladesh. Dhaka board was created in 1921. The Junior School Certificate (JSC) is preparing students for the exam from Dhaka Board. They will take part in the 2020 JSC exam.

You can check the results here if you wish. To check Dhaka Board Result 2020 online, visit their official website. Their website is, Click Link- JSC Result 2020 Dhaka Board.

You can check the results of the Dhaka board by going to this link. Here the results are free to check. Thousands of students come here to check the results. If you are a candidate, you can check your result.

JSC Result 2020 Chittagong Board :

JSC Result 2020 Chittagong Board

How to check the results of Chittagong Education Board? The Chittagong Board was established in 1995. But the students on this board are much simpler. They achieved good results in the last JSC Exam 2020. More students from this board are expected to pass the JSC exam this year.

JSC Result 2020 Chittagong Board Rules for Examination Results And following these rules, you can quickly check the JSC Result 2020 from the Chittagong Board.

The official website is- https://bise-ctg.portal.gov.bd. They are waiting for the exam when the test results will be released. Parents are eager to see their results.

JSC Result 2020 Comilla Board :

Hello, friends. How are you? I hope you are fine. Do you want to know the result of the Comilla Board Exam here? This board was created in 1962 in Comilla district. One of the oldest education boards in Bangladesh.

JSC Result 2020 Comilla Board

However, Comilla serves as the secondary and upper secondary controller of the district. Located 1 km from Comilla city. How do you now examine the results of the Comilla Education Board?

Their official website – https://comillaboard.portal.gov.bd/. You can easily check the results of the Comilla Education Board here. Click this link to check JSC Result 2020 Comilla Board results.

JSC Result 2020 Sylhet Board :

JSC Result 2020 Sylhet Board

Hello, Welcome to our website. Are you looking for Sylhet Board JSC Result 2020? You’re in the right place. Read our complete information.

However, you will know how to check the Sylhet board results. Sylhet board is going to publish the results of the junior school certificate examination.

How To Check Sylhet Board JSC Exam Result 2020 You can easily test the results of Sylhet board from here. For this, you have to click on JSC Result 2020 Sylhet Board. You can check the JSC results.

JSC Result 2020 Jessore Board :

If you come first in our webpage, welcome. Jessore Board of Education was established in 1965. This board is located in Jessore Sadar Thana area.

JSC Result 2020 Jessore Board

If the results of the Jessore Education Board are published. How to check the results of Jessore Education Board and how to check, many do not know.

I will show you how to check the results of Jessore Board. If you would like to check Jessore Education Board results, click on JSC Result 2020 Jessore Board. Can check results with roll number and registration number. There you can easily check the test results.

JSC Result 2020 Rajshahi Board:

The Rajshahi Education Board is located in the largest area of ​​Bangladesh. There are more students in this education board than other boards. This board holds first place in the JSC exam every year. The passing rate is 90%, but higher than other education boards. This year JSC exam results will be published on December 26th.


Students are looking for a website to test the results safely. If so, you can safely check JSC Result 2020 from this website. You can also see the test Marksheet.

You are wondering what is needed to test the results. Roll number, registration number- and passing year are required to verify the test result. JSC Result 2020 Rajshahi Board The only place to check the results faster is our website. You can check.

JSC Exam Result 2020 Barisal Board:

About 1,20,570 students are taking part in the Junior School Certificate Exam from the Barisal Board. This board is one of the best education board all over the world. Although this board is new, the quality of education is good.

This Education Board is established in Notullahabad, Barisal. Students from each of the schools under this board participate in the public examination in the middle of the study.

jsc result barisal board

JSC is one of the most important public examinations in Bangladesh. Students and parents are waiting for the JSC Examination from the Barisal Board when to announce the JSC result 2020.

How do you then check the result from the Barisal Board? If you want to check the results, don’t worry! I am telling you how to check the JSC Exam Result 2020.

If you want to check the result online, you can check here. Using this method you can easily check. You can also download the results with Marksheet Free. You can also check the results of all boards on this website.

JSC Result Dinajpur Board:

Do you want to check the Dinajpur Board JSC results? But where to go to check the result? you do not know. Don’t worry! You can get the result of Dinajpur Board from here.

This board serves as the controller of the secondary and higher secondary educational institution of Dinajpur and Rangpur divisions. However, this board was established in Dinajpur district in 2006. Its distance from Dinajpur city is about 2 km.

jsc result dinajpur board

Every year the JSC, SSC, HSC examines are taking part from this board. However, the students are now getting ready for the JSC exam. The result of JSC examination will be published by the board at the end of December. After giving the exam, students are looking for results.

How will you get The Dinajpur Board Exam result? You can check the results from here. We have taken this arrangement on our website so that every student can easily check the results.

We think about the safety of each student. If you want to check the JSC Result Dinajpur Board, click on JSC Result 2020 Dinajpur Board. From there, a student can safely and easily check the results.

How to check JDC Result 2020 :

How To Check JDC Result 2020 Bangladesh The Upper Madrasah Board of Bangladesh is called JDC. This board was established in 1978. The program was launched to promote the education of Madrasah in Bangladesh.

Every year, students from the Madrasah Education Board take the JDC exam. At the end of the experiment, the results are published. The Madrasah Board of Education produces all kinds of results. If you would like to check the JDC Result 2020, visit our www.education-board-result.com website. On this website, you can quickly and easily check the results.

Technical Education Board (TEB) Result 2020:

It was established in 1960 with the Directorate of Technical Education Board of Bangladesh, to create efficient household resources through expansion and improvement of education. Thousands of students have gained knowledge from this board.

Technical education, technology education has spread in many places in this country. Now every district and police station is set up technical education, technology education institutes.

technical Education Board Result 2019:

Here, the knowledge Picasso students want to study. Students have taken JSC exams since establishing technical education institutes.

The results of this final exam will be published on the Bangladesh Education Board website. You can check the test results through the internet.

You and your guardian will be able to check the results of this test online. Roll No. 125125 and Reg No. 121365444 and Passing Year will be required to check the result. However, you can see the results with SMS. This is an alternative to online.

JSC Result 2020 Mymensingh Board:

Another new education board has been established in Bangladesh called Mymensingh Education Board. This board was established in 2019 in Mymensingh district.

All students in the Mymensingh district of this board will be able to check the JSC results. Would you like to check the JSC Result 2020 Mymensingh Board? If you are a candidate you can check the JSC Marksheet test results from here.

JSC Result 2019 Mymensingh Board

Their official website – www.mymensingheducationboard.gov.bd/. With this website, you can check the results of the organization. This time JSC Result 2020 will also be published on this website. If you want, you can go to https://eboardresults.com and see the results with just roll no.

JSC Routine 2020 Download (PDF) :

We know that the test schedule is released before the test begins. Seeing this schedule, students take the exam. This time, the JSC exam routine has been announced on the Board of Education of Bangladesh.

How to download JSC Exam Routine. You can easily download the JSC exam routine 2020 from here. Click the link if you want to download (PDF).

Bangladesh Result Publish System Technology :

Our Bangladesh has gone a long way in terms of internet and technology. And using this technology, the JSC result 2020 is going to be published on the Board of Education in Bangladesh. With this advanced technology and internet technology, education system is still used today.

However, JSC results can be checked by mobile and computer simultaneously through internet connection all over Bangladesh. But there are some special tips he needs. You need to know about the use of this technology.

It is still possible to test the JSC results to improve the system you need. The results will be published on the national website of each Board of Education. Hopefully I can help you with the right information. The information required to check the JSC result is given above.

Conclusion :

In this website ( Education-board-result.com ) we provide your JSC result 2020. Here students check his/her all Education Board Result. We provide you also a server that’s why you check your result quickly. You can check your result easily and fast.

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This is the latest information we have about JSC Result 2020. Dear students, who are preparing for the JSC exam for the first time, good luck! One thing you must keep in mind is that you should not tension during the exam. You should be healthy and try to stay healthy. If you study correctly, the results will certainly be good.