How to Download NSU Assignment Cover Page? [Lab+Assignment ]

You need a neat cover page when you submit your homework at North South University (NSU). This article will show you how to make an NSU assignment cover page. Plus, we’ve got a cover page template you can download. Let’s start!

Step 1: Cover Page Basics

Your NSU assignment cover page should have this info:

  1. Your Info: Your name, NSU ID, and what you study.
  2. Assignment Title: Your assignment’s name.
  3. Course Info: The course code, course name, and your teacher’s name.
  4. Due Date: The day you need to hand in your assignment.
  5. Contact Info: Your email, in case someone needs to reach you.
  6. NSU Logo and Name: Put the NSU logo and write “North South University” at the top.
  7. Formatting: Keep it neat and use a standard font and size.

Step 2: Make Your Cover Page

You can create your cover page using Word or a similar program. Make sure all the info is clear and easy to read.

Step 3: Get the Template

We’ve made a cover page template to make things even more accessible. Just click the link below to download it:

Step 4: Add Your Info

Open the downloaded template and replace the fake info with your own. Make it match your assignment.

Step 5: Save Your Cover Page

After you fill in your details, save the cover page as a PDF or image file. These formats are best for submitting your work.

Step 6: Upload Your Assignment

Put your assignment on the cover page, where your teacher tells you to. Follow their rules.


Making an excellent NSU assignment cover page is essential when you hand in your work. We hope this article and the cover page template we shared will help you. Personalize your cover page to fit your assignment and follow your teacher’s instructions. Now, download the template to create your own NSU assignment cover page. Good luck with your assignments!

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