SSC Result 2020 : All Education Board Result ( Check Quick )


Today I will share with you the SSC Result 2020. If you are looking for SSC results then you are in the right place. The SSC Exam Results has been published on all over Bangladesh. And many of the learners are searching for the results of this test.

They searched many places but could not find the right information. I would suggest you to visit the website then you will find the SSC results fast.

The Bangladesh Ministry of Education announced the results on the board. In addition, the results have been published in the secondary and higher secondary education boards across Bangladesh.

This result can bring joy and sorrow for students and parents. When the SSC exam results are good for him and happiness is bad for him, then he gets sad. All in all, this day is a joyous day.

Exam Started on 01 February 2020. SSC Result published on The Ministry of Education Website. It released at 01:30 PM, on the Ministry of Education Board.  This post will help you to Check SSC Result 2020 easily.

SSC Result 2020 Published Date :

This is not say correctly when result published. But we have some information and we are think that SSC Result 2020 Published 31st May, 2020.

31st May, 2020

The results of this test will be published around 12:00 noon. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will publish the results. He will make this announcement from the Ministry of Education Board.

SSC Result 2020 Always publish in May. In this post all previous year SSC  Results was published in May.

  • SSC Result 2014 Published date: 17 May 2014
  • SSC Result 2015 Published date: 30 May 2015
  • SSC Result 2016 Published date: 11 May 2016
  • SSC Result 2017 Published date: 04 May 2017
  • SSC Result 2018 Published date: 06 May 2018
  • SSC Result 2019 Published date: 06 May 2019
  • SSC Result 2020 Published date: 31 May 2020

How to check SSC Result 2020 by SMS Mobile?

ssc result 2020 by sms

Secondary and Higher Secondary SSC Exam result can be checked by SMS. An alternative method of online is mobile SMS. Now you have no internet connection, what do you do now? Alternatively, SSC results are checked using mobile SMS.

First you go to the Message Option Menu on your mobile. From there, write your first test name (SSC) with space, write the board name with three letters (DHA), then write Passing year (2020) with space  your roll number (12345) and send to 16222.

You will receive a return SMS shortly. There you can see SSC Result 2020 and GPA. The rules for messaging are provided below:

FOR EXAMPLE SSC Result 2020:

Type SSC  < SPACE > DHA <SPACE> 153630<SPACE> 2020 SEND TO 16222

Madrasah Education Board Result 2020 Check SMS :

FOR EXAMPLE Dakhil Result 2020 :

Type DAKHIL < SPACE > DHA <SPACE> 153630<SPACE> 2020 SEND TO 16222

Summary about SSC Result 2020 Bangladesh :

Authority NameEducation Board of Bangladesh
Examination NameSecondary School Certificate (SSC)
Result Declare Date6th May 2020
Total Education Boards10
Total Candidates Appeared21,35,332
Total Centers3,412
Final Result DateJune 2020

How to check SSC Result 2020 by Online :

After much waiting, 2020 results of the Bangladesh Ministry of Education Board SSSC exam were released today. I will inform you today where you can check your exam results quickly. I hope you can check the results here faster if you follow my rule.

At the same time, the results are being published in the education boards in every division of Bangladesh. Meanwhile, Dhaka, Comilla and Chittagong Board of Education announced the results. You can easily check SSC Exam 2020 from online with the help of internet.

Three ways to check your results online :

  • Check Result with
  • Check Result with
  • Check Your Institution Result ( All Process are given below )

With the Internet you can safely and quickly check the results. If you want to check the results faster with the help of the Internet then you have to follow some rules and regulations. This allows you to quickly check the results. The rules are as follows:

Check Result Process 1 :

Most Importantly, Just follow these STEPS below to Check Your Result :

  • 1: Check Your Result than check this URL – Check Here !!
  • 2: Select SSC/Dakhil from “Examination” option.
  • 3: Select- 2020 as your examination year.
  • 4: Now Choose Board Name.
  • 5: Enter your SSC Roll No. & Registration No..
  • 6: After that Solve Security Math then “Submit” button.
  • 7: Hurray! You’re done. See your Result. Good Luck
ssc result 2020 education board bangladesh

Check Result Process 2 :

  1. Go to this website Check Now. ( <= Check Now )
  2. So now you have see many option now time to full fill all option.
  3. Select SSC/Dhakil
  4. Select 2020
  5. Select Your Board
  6. Select Individual Result
  7. Provide Your Roll
  8. Provide Your Registration Number
  9. Security Key : Type security key ( Type like this key on empty field )
  10. Now time to get your result check – Get Result
ssc result 2020 eboard results

Check Result Process 3 :

  1. First go to this link Check Here
  2. Select your Board 
  3. Provide your school EIIN
  4. Check – Get Result  
ssc result 2020 for institution

How to check SSC Result 2020 by Mobile Apps :

You will be able to check the SSC exam result with Mobile Apps. You need to download an app on your mobile to do this. If you download these apps, you can quickly check the results. I tell you where to download these apps.

I am giving you a link to download it on this website. And you can download the apps from where you need to. check to Download Apps: Education Board Result Then installs it. And with these apps you can check the results very easily. Go there and provide the important information you need. Then you will reach the place you need.

This is the official method. To Check any SSC examination result online. Others alternatives are also available to Check your result. Just Tuned with our Article and read carefully.

I am sharing all easy methods to get your SSC Result 2020. Mark sheet also important your future Admission Tests. Scroll down for know more about SSC Result 2020. Since the start of the SSC exam. 10,68,000 examinees are participating in this year.

SSC is the biggest test in Bangladesh by taking part in the 8th-grade examinations. It Started on 01 February 2020. It Ends on 05 March 2020. The 6 May 2020results published. On the Education Board website near 01:30 PM.

Secondary School Certificate (SSC) results. It will be published for all the students of Bangladesh. Secondary & Higher Secondary Certificate results will be Show.

Results by All Education Boards :

SSC Result 2020 Dhaka Board :

One of the best educational boards in Bangladesh is Dhaka Board. This board was established in 1921 in Dhaka. Since then, thousands of students have started learning from this board. The education system has been in operation since 1921.

Each year JSC / SSC / HSC is participating from this board. SSC exam results are going to be published. Thousands of students are waiting to see the results of this test. The waiting period is over; these are just the results of SSC 2020 Dhaka Board, Bangladesh Higher Secondary Ministry Education Board.

If you want to quickly check the results of this examination, you can go to This is a safe place for you. Here you can check the results without any risk. This website is the right place to check the results of the Dhaka Board.

Moreover, many students and parents will be able to check the Marksheet along with the results from here. Provide your Roll Number and Registration Number to check the result. Then check the Submit button to get the results.

SSC <Space> DHA <Space> SSC Roll Number <Space> 2020 to Send 16222

SSC Result 2020 Comilla Board :

Now the quality of education of the board is going to improve in Comilla. The students on this board are very talented. Today, Comilla Education Board is ahead in increasing the education rate of Bangladesh. Each student of this board works hard for excellent results.

Completes daily classes every day to increase intellectual strength. They have already prepared for the SSC Exam 2020 from the Comilla Board. Students are hoping that by 2020 the Comilla Education Board will take first place.

The Board of Secondary Education will act as the controller of SSC examination of the Comilla Board. The exam will try to ensure that the secondary education board is sound and disciplined and adhere to their policies.

The results of the Comilla board have just been released. If you are a Comilla board student, check SSC Result 2020 Comilla Board. Students can check the result of the exam from the official website of the Comilla Board. Their Official Web Page – There you can check SSC Result 2020 of Comilla Board with the required information.

SSC <Space> COM <Space> SSC Roll Number <Space> 2020 to Send 16222

Type the message send it from your mobile phone to 16222. SMS charge is 2.44 taka. This will be charged to your mobile account balance.

Please note that emergency balance will not work to send messages. After sending the SMS, the return SSC will come. You will see your results there. Recharge your mobile account and keep enough balance.

SSC Result 2020 Chittagong Board :

Friends today I will share with you how you can check the results of Chittagong Education Board. May this day be happy and sad for you. But I am sharing some rules for you to check the results.

Keeping these tips in mind, you’ll be able to quickly check SSC Result 2020 from here. Remember that this is something very important to you. Here is the information needed to check the results of the Chittagong Board.

Chittagong is the 3rd and largest on the Board of Education as the Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education. Do you want to securely check the results of Chittagong Education Board? You can safely check here.

Or check – SSC Result 2020 Chittagong Board. The official website of Chittagong Education Board is You can also check the Chittagong Board of Education SSC results through this website. Marksheet will be provided here along with the results. Let’s share this post.

SSC <Space> CHI <Space> SSC Roll Number <Space> 2020 to Send 16222

To send messages. Send messages from your own mobile to 16222. Most people will get results (from 16222). With a result in one or two minutes. You will get instant results.

SSC Result 2020 Rajshahi Board :

Rajshahi is located in the north and west of Bangladesh on the board of education. This board is replaced in Rajshahi district in 1961. Currently, the Rajshahi Board is the regulatory authority of the secondary and higher secondary level educational institutions of the Rajshahi Division of Bangladesh.

This board is currently located at Grearer Road, Rajshahi 6000 in Rajshahi district. The present chairman of this board is Prof. M. Abdur Rauf Mia.

Rajshahi Education Board SSC Result 2020 has been released on today. All the results of this board have been collected here. SSC examiners are very interested to see the results of the exam.

To check the results of this board you check : SSC Result 2020 Rajshahi Board. You can see the official web link of the Rajshahi Education Board. There you can check Markersheet.

Their official link- But you can see the results from here.

SSC <Space> RAJ <Space> SSC Roll Number <Space> 2020 to Send 16222

SSC Result GPA- Marks System

Marks WithinGrade PointLetter Grade
80 to 100 Mark5.00A+
70 to 79 Mark4.00A
60 to 69 Mark3.50A-
50 to 59 Mark3.00B
40 to 49 Mark2.00C
33 to 39 mark1.00D
0 to 32 Mark0.00F

Bangladesh Education Board GPA will count for making CGPA. We are giving now an example. Which will help you to understand.

Subject NamePointGrade
General Science5.00A
Bangladesh & Global Studies4.00A
Religion Studies4.00A+